Caterpillar Pom Pom Craft – Spring Craft Ideas

Caterpillar Pom Pom Craft - Spring Craft Ideas

Draw bald head/face w Sharpie. The paint along the top of the head w watercolor paint. Then using a straw, blow the water/paint away from the face.

Basteln Weihnachten

Spread some holiday cheer and decorate your home with these DIY Pinecone Christmas Trees. Create your own mini pinecone trees with spray paint and wine corks. Set up a little pine tree forest on the mantle, or take some to a local elderly home for the hol

DIY Büroklammern

Use sticky bookmarks often? How about making some paperclip washi tape bookmarks instead!

Kleine Bienchen basteln

Accordion animals craft idea for kids – Crafts and Worksheets for Preschool,Toddler and Kindergarten