Photographers Capture 20 Funny and Geeky Chalkboard Signs That Think Outside the Box

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10 Fresh Memes Today!#1 Awesome Costumes: Fat Guy Met Avocado.

That’s a pigeon shopping for bird food<<Uh-huh. That’s a pigeon shopping for bird food

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Funny Quotes QUOTATION – Image : Quotes Of the day – Description Science Jokes and Funniesthis one would be terrific to use during the rocks and minerals unit/ weathering and erosion!

19 Pictures Of Food That Will Make You Say "Whaaaaaat"

19 Pictures Of Food That Will Make You Say "Whaaaaaat"


Creative designs from stupid people

Here are some bizarre construction FAILS that will really make you wonder. And the flying car and half floor just made me think if Harry Potter


Irony Compilation

Funny pictures about Irony Compilation. Oh, and cool pics about Irony Compilation. Also, Irony Compilation photos.

tolle Sprüche benötigen eine Plattform. Gestalte jetzt dein individuelles…

Poster Nashorn Einhorn "I like rhinoceroses. They're like unicorns . only thicker"

Schlafende Hunde soll man nicht wecken

Sleeping dogs that have mastered the art of Sleep-Fu

iHola! Martes el dieciesiete, de Octubre! Funny pictures of failed designs!

15+ Hilarious Design Fails That Will Definitely Make You Laugh

Katzen finden immer den gemütlichsten Schlafplatz