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Watch your daily dose of cute pet videos that will make you aww and cry. Pets are beautiful souls!


Bunny Chewing Lettuce

You probably already know that rabbits need to chew on things to keep their teeth filed down. Hay should always serve as their primary source of roughage, but in order to keep your rabbit mentally stimulated you should strive to give them a variety of chew toys to play with. So, if you really want …

Animal Odd Couples

Througout the animal kingdom, friendships are made that, if you're like me, will fascinate you, read on to learn more about these interspecies friendships.

Beautiful Bunny Rabbit

Explore Mailbox Happiness-Angee at Postcrossing's photos on Flickr. Mailbox Happiness-Angee at Postcrossing has uploaded 4017 photos to Flickr.

Raising Rabbits for Profit - Animals - GRIT Magazine

If you’ve considered raising rabbits for profit, read this advice from a professional conservation breeder.

Cutest Bunny Contest

Some people have dogs, some have cats, and others have birds. However, for those of us who just want a pure bundle of love, we have a bunny. Learn a few interesting facts about these little critters and vote for the cutest one here.

Young Rabbit

Spring has almost sprung around here. The crocus and daffodils are out and a couple of weeks ago, I saw my first Butterfly of the year. Unheard of in March ! After a long winter, it's good to see some new life.

15 animals that stopped to smell the flowers...literally

It's October 4, so happy World Animal Day! To celebrate this important international day of raising awareness for animal welfare and pamper the animals that already have a loving home and a healthy life we created a little post. In a way we know best...through flowers! So step away from your busy day for just a minute and enjoy these 15 cute animals who couldn't resist to smell the flowers :-)

California Bans Cosmetic Testing on Animals

California's ban of the sale of cosmetics that test on animals will go into effect in 2020

20 Baby Animals Say Hello To Spring

Today is the March Equinox and we'll be celebrating with these little guys.