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These are the people I love.

Im not a fan of Justin Bieber. But the truth is hes not the idiot in this post. Jesus is the son of God. So Jesus and God are 2 different spiritual entities.

The many expressions of Jim Moriarty. All in the span of seconds!

The many expressions of Jim Moriarty. All in the span of seconds! As he's being held by his collar off the edge of a very tall building. And yes, he's smiling and being sarcastic.

Jim Moriarty (Andrew Scott). BEST. VILLAIN. EVER.

Little girl: "My Mom kind of sometimes looks at her phone with that face." That comment just made this picture. -- That 'Moriarty' phone face

andrew scott

joansing: “ dearjimmoriarty: “ pop album cover ” I wanna see the track listing on this album V-Neck Shirts And Colourful Socks I’m So Irish (I Can’t Even) Just A Man With A BAFTA Falling For My Puppy Dog Eyes I Can’t.

Everyone at the BAFTAs (I think it was a few years back) wore bow ties, except Andrew, so he made his tie into a bow tie.

Andrew Scott

Andrew Scott--- so, who exactly do you have to get in touch with in order to contact Moriarty. I'd be willing to commit a low-grade misdemeanor for him. I was looking up Basta from Ink Heart, and Adrew Scott popped up!


Andrew Scott - I can't help it, I'm not a John or a Sherlock fangirl. I'm a Moriarty fangirl!---Well i'm a Sherlock and Moriarty fangirl and this picture is just aahh!