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a vase with yellow flowers in it sitting on a checkerboard floor next to a window
two people reaching out their hands to each other
Wedding Inspo at nuovosì studio Munich
nuovosì studio muc. - where art meets fashion. Immerse yourself in our artful celebration. Dive deep into this inspirational journey with us and fashion your dream celebration to perfection.
black and white photograph of a woman in wedding dress sitting on the floor wearing high heels
Wedding editorial by nuovosì bridal studio
A wedding is a place where elegance meets love How to find our Photoshooting Team on the Gram: Models: @ilaysraghe @lena.marxkors Fotografinnen: @nelehmfotografie @lisakoenigweddings H&M: @bridesbybastianspringer Haarspangen: @cherryandmuse"
two models in white gowns standing next to each other with their hands on their hips
Wedding Editorial photoshoot and looks by nuovosì
Where elegance meets a modern look. In our Munich bridal studio nuovosì we collect, search and love exclusive wedding dresses. Team: Models: @ilaysraghe @lena.marxkors Fotografinnen: @nelehmfotografie @lisakoenigweddings H&M: @bridesbybastianspringer Haarspangen: @cherryandmuse
an image of the word love written in white fabric on top of a bed sheet
Personalised Veils by nuovosì x cherryandmuse
In our Munich bridal studio nuovosì you get the opportunity to not only get your second hand wedding gowns but also a special embroidered veil Pictures by: @nelehmfotografie @lisakoenigweddings