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German grenadiers in action, undated. Note the Luger 9mm pistol. From the posture of the men they seem to be trying to round a corner -- and getting ready for the unexpected.

Three Heer soldiers moving through a smoky street on the Eastern Front. The Gefreiter in the foreground wields the infamous Luger and extra MG ammunition while the man in the background has the standard Karabiner bolt-action rifle

Wehrmacht troops surrendering to Soviet forces in 1943

Not strong enough to resist the attacks of the Soviet army, the SS troops eventually surrendered. Corpses of their comrads (SS), killed in battle, strewn everywhere!

1943, Russie, Troisième bataille de Kharkov, Waffen-SS au combat

A German SS sniper . sniping eventually remained - on both the German and Reds side - the only assault tactic of the Battle of Stalingrad until the Germans surrendered.