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Best Illustrations of 2015

“"The better to see u with, my dear!" ✏️Prismacolor® color pencil and charcoal pencil on Strathmore® Toned Tan paper 🔺 MixxedMonster©™

Taube Karte Kompass Tattoo

Traitors/rivals to the Imperial Throne of Ay, the House of Lazarus was marked with a Curse Brand, so that every oldest heir would be identified and shamed to the world. The mark consists of a map, which actually leads to a very special place.

Photo realistic gears and broken clock by Victor Portugal #steampunk #clock #gears #tattoo #Blackandgrey #InkedMagazine #tattoo #tattoos #tattooed #ink

Awesome black and gray realistic tattoo of Watch and Gears motive done by artist Victor Portugal

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