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千夜 黑白

Hatsune Miku Wallpaper and Background

Anime picture with original pixiv fantasia pixiv fantasia t tian ling qian ye bai yemeng single short hair brown hair yellow eyes looking away ahoge collarbone magic facial mark fantasy logo girl dress weapon earrings

天夜 瞬斩

Anime picture with original tian ling qian ye bai yemeng long hair blue eyes black hair fringe red hair ahoge bicolored hair angry arm up clenched teeth aura unsheathing girl gloves weapon sword fingerless gloves

Most popular tags for this image include: bow, flame, light, pixiv and blue & red

arrow bai_yemeng black_dress black_hair bow_(weapon) drawing_bow dress earrings glowing glowing_weapon highres jacket jewelry long_sleeves open_clothes open_jacket pixiv_fantasia pixiv_fantasia_t revision solo weapon yellow_eyes