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Sewing & Patterns (Jackets)

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Illustrirte Frauen Zeitung 1881.: Spring mantle of vivid brocade, or cashmere with dark velvet insertions, silk lining.
Der Bazar 1887: Blue woollen springtime raincoat with blue and metal-thread braiding; 21. bodice's front part, 22. and 23. side gores, 24. back part, 25. back gore, 26. pocket, 27. collar, 28. and 29. sleeve parts
Tygodnik Mód 1882.: Spring rain cape.


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Der Bazar 1886: Summer mantelet from black printed silk-gauze with black surah lining and black silk-reps pleats; 11. front part, 12. back part in half size, 13. side gore, 14. collar in half size
Der Bazar 1886: Summer mantelet with hood from light brown woollen and brown reps lining; 19. front plastron in half size, 20. pelerine-sleeve part, 21. hood in half size, 22. collar in half size
Tygodnik Mód 1876.: Summer coat in cuirasse form; Fig. 29. front part, 30. side gore, 31. back part, 32. sleeve, 33. cuff in half, 34. collar.


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Tygodnik Mód 1889.: Winter cape.
Zeitung Für Die Elegante Welt 1877.: Winter paletot.
Zeitung Für Die Elegante Welt 1877.: Winter paletot.


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Der Bazar 1886: Travelling cape from plaid woollen with silk lining; 22. front part, 23. pelerine-sleeve part, 24. back part in half size, 25. undersleeve part, 26. rolled collar in half size
Tygodnik Mód 1877.: Travelling cape with pelerine; Fig. 6. front part, 7. back part in half, 8. pelerine in half.


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House Coats & Wraps

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Bolero & Spencer Jackets

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Tygodnik Mód 1876.: Sortiée de bal from pink cashmere or greenish-grey cashmere with braiding; Fig. 30. front part, 31. side gore, 32. pelerine sleeve, 33. hood in half, 34. collar.


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Illustrirte Frauen Zeitung 1879.: Sleevless spencer bodice with vest of quilted fabric.
free vest pattern


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ADORED VINTAGE: Vintage 1930s Coats from Catalogs and Magazines


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Pattern: Tom Ford Blazer
Next sewing project. Crossover Blazer from Burda Style
Stiylish jacket with curly wings..<3 Deniz <3


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