16 Functional Ideas To Design Pretty Deck In A Small Yard

16 Functional Ideas To Design Pretty Deck In A Small Yard

16 Functional Ideas To Design Pretty Deck In A Small Yard (Top Design Small Spaces)

I would love to have this as both a garden room and as part of a library room

Feng Shui Principles Were Used When Designing This New South African House

At the front of this modern house and off to the side, there's a wood walkway surrounded by plants and rocks, that leads to the front door.

Textured wall - Bio 005 from Interlam

would look nice as a feature piece on say a dining room wall instead of (ugly) art - CNC Texture on MDF

Wussten Sie, dass sich sehr viele Menschen an Kunstrasen erfreuen? Hier finden Sie viele Beispiele für Kunststoffrasen. Gut für eine Inspiration!

Artificial grass is a good alternative to natural grass and ideal for every climate. Royal Grass artificial grass is available in over 45 countries.

Holz Sessel platzsparende minimalistische Terrassen Gestaltung

Contemporary Flair Modernist garden furniture is architectural in style. Design classics, such as the sculptural Barcelona-influenced chair, set the tone for elegant recliners, simple tables and matching benches. - Pleasing Patio Designs on HGTV

Auch ein Schranktürschloss kann einzigartig sein

Gorgeous detail in this Latch. So much thought and craftsmanship went into this tiny functional details of daily life.

plywoodfurniture | Tumblr

plywood panels by After-Form. Multilayered 40 mm plywood panel made by CNC. Pattern made using perlin noise with distortion

Eine Indirekte Beleuchtung macht einen Garten auch nachts einladend.

LED landscape lighting in the garden transforms an ordinary garden into a romantic place for stunning evenings.