Oh Gott, wie niedlich - so kann man Bücher verschlingen, während man Bücher verschlingt! #snack #inception

School Book Sandwiches

School Book Sandwiches ~ so easy to make. a perfect healthy snack to bring to your kid’s classroom, but they can be personalized for any occasion. Add the name of your child’s favorite book for a book themed birthday party or just for lunch.

Die Girlande zur Einschulung macht ganz klar, was gefeiert wird! Sie ist schnell selbst gemacht und kann immer wieder neu beschriftet werden. ZUR ANLEITUNG >>>

So einfach geht's: Girlande zum Schulanfang

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Kreative Geschenkverpackung zum Schulanfang

Kreative Geschenkverpackung zum Schulanfang

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Einladung zum Schulanfang

Another cute party invite idea for a starting school/ back to school celebration.

Celery filled with cream cheese and decorated with red, yellow, and green bell peppers

Sweet and Savory Stop Lights

Celery and Peppers Traffic Light Snack! Made with, yellow, and green peppers.and cream cheese! great for kids!

String Cheese Pencils Mozarella or Colby String Cheese sticks 1/2 inch-thick slices of bologna Mustard Bugles Corn Snacks Raisins For each pencil, cut one end of a cheese stick to make it flat. Cut a small circle out of the bologna and attach it to the end of the “pencil” with mustard. Press the end of a Bugle into the other end of the cheese stick, then attach the raisin (either with mustard or by pressing it into the Bugle).

“Back to school class snack idea - string cheese pencils made with choice of string cheese, turkey, bugles & raisins! So cute and clever!