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(c)Lyselore Illustraties 'Don't be eye candy be soul food'.

(c)Lyselore Illustraties 'Don't be eye candy be soul food'.

Schöne Zitate fürs Leben - jetzt auf gofeminin.de unter http://www.gofeminin.de/liebe/album1203600/schone-zitate-0.html

"Die wahre Lebenskunst besteht darin, im Alltäglichen das Wunderbare zu sehen." ~ Pearl S. Buck

Gute Sprüche, Liebe, Humor, Good Sayings, Dear

Chill honey. Over the next couple of days the vibe will be overwhelming than it will happen. It will come back. It always does. I won't make you look like a fool this time. We've both done that to each other enough

Watercolor quote iphone wallpaper {lifestyleandliving.se} Geb dem Gestern nicht zu viel Platz im Heute....