Long hair up-do

A Tutorial on Long Hair Wedding Hair Updos - Once Wed

Art Long Wedding Hairstyles Wedding Hair Updos Tutorial (takes practice but way too cool of a hair do) hair-and-make-up

Topsy fishtail braid

If you ever wondered how to make the perfect fishtail braid, our Topsy Fishtail Braid Tutorial makes it oh, so easy! Check out the tutorial…

How to Make a 4 Stranded Braid Weave

How to Make a 4 Stranded Braid Weave via duitang But I don't think this would work on my hair, I need longer hair. Someone with long hair try it out!

DIY Wedding Hairstyle Video: A Romantic Updo

DIY Wedding Hairstyle: A Romantic Updo. I wouldn't just do this as a wedding updo

double knot

Five Minutes Hairstyle Ideas From Bmodish.com

Double knot hairstyle tutorial for girls. Are you looking for some of the simple and easy steps for making the double knot tutorial?