DIY: washi tape wall gems

diy wall deco masking tape gem stones- I like this idea for the back of my bedroom, office, and/or bathroom doors.

Decorate phone chargers with washi tape

Decorate phone chargers with washi tape. I need to do this so my charger cord doesnt get mixed up with someone elses.

DIY: Washi Tape Thumbtacks

Make the plain white thumbtacks on your bulletin board cuter. And by cuter, I mean oranger. put a small piece of washi tape on each pushpin, smoothed out any fine wrinkles with your thumbnail, and trimmed around the edges with a sharp scissors.

single colour washi tape

Single rolls of matte black or white washi tape, x long. Create a bold look by using washi tape to create graphic letters as a wrapping idea, or taping monochrome prints to a wall.

Washi tape on the radiator

Improve the look of your boring radiators, with Masking Tape / Washi Tape :)

DIY Washi Tape Keyboard

This washi tape keyboard is officially called “Happy Keyboard for Happy People.

washi tape bunting gift wrap

✂ That's a Wrap ✂ diy ideas for gift packaging and wrapped presents - washi tape bunting gift wrap

Use Washi Tape to Organize Your Tasks and Activities! Break away from dull and boring office supplies! Makes your calendar fun to look at!

possibly the best planner idea i have ever seen - good thing I just bought an unnecessary amount of colored tape.


to hide in a treat bag meaning they won a bigger prize- gift card- part of a group trip to someplace fun, etc

washi tape frames. cute!

DIY Tape Picture Frames via Design*Sponge adorable for all your little bits and pieces of inspiration in office or craft room.


DIY Washi Tape & Bunting Cake Plate

It's kind of amazing how many things you can create with washi tape, especially when it is as cute as this DIY Washi Tape Bunting & Cake Plate.