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I'll take Benedict, Hiddles, Lee Pace, or David Tennant as well.

I'll take Benedict, Hiddles, Jonathan Silver Scott, or Keith Hamilton Cobb as well.

We're all a little too much like Moriarty when we're on hiatus

"Thats it, the Sherlock fandom has escaped their cages." I love my fandom.<<<"that's it, the Sherlock fandom has escaped their cages"? Someone help me figure out what the hell that means<<<Not our division.

einfach zu gut ;D

BEST SCENE EVER! that awkward moment when the stills from Sherlock become just as unbelievable as the stills from Supernatural.

Sorry for the language, but this was really funny.

"so did you know this scene was andrew's audition for moriarty"<- I can honestly say this is probably exactly how that went << do you want more adorable Andrew Scott? He plays this Welsh guy who is just plain adorable!