PAAPJE at work

at work
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an art work is being displayed in a room
screen Stoppel
there are many mats on the floor in this room
At work at Plaatsmaken in Arnhem. Assignment for curtain fabric
an image of art work being made on a large sheet of paper in a studio
a close up of an art piece on a table with a pen in front of it
two women working on an art project in a studio
Printing fabrics for curtains
a woman standing next to two paintings hanging on a wall in an art studio,
there is a bike parked in front of the storefront with its doors open and some signs on the sidewalk
small screens drying in the sun, at studio Plaatsmaken in Arnhem, Holland
a bunch of green plants sitting on top of a white paper next to some scissors
using plants and leafs under the screens to get nice and surprisinng results
two people working on an art project in a room with blue and red carpeting
Paapje printing workshop, at studio Plaatsmaken in Arnhem, Holland
several pieces of cloth hanging from the ceiling in an art studio with chairs and tables
workshop printing the Paapje way at Plaatsmaken Arnhem
a painting of leaves and other plants on a black background with pink, purple, and green colors
an abstract painting with black and red colors on the bottom half of it, in front of a purple background
an abstract painting with black, red and grey colors on white paper in the background
the floor is covered with yellow paint
people are standing around in an art studio with yellow paint on the floor and large canvass