NSU Prinz 1000 TTS -  1967

50 Jahre NSU Prinz: NSU TT und TTS – Prinzen-Krönung mit 70 PS

Nsu Ro80 1967-1977 some awesome and interesting cars but ..

One of 26 cars nominated for Car of the Century. Ro 80 were produced in Neckarsulm, Germany from 1967 until It had a twin-rotor Wankel engine.

NSU RO 80 - 1976

Bilder eines wankelnden Visionärs: NSU Ro 80

NSU RO 80 design is still current when applying current design objectives. With the introduction of the RO NSU and later Audi introduced the slogan "Vorsprung durch Technik", which it still uses today!


The NSU TT/TTS are the stuff of legends. With their high-winding OHC transverse mid-rear mounted fours and 1200 cc) in a scale Corvair body, it made for performance […]

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