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Wolfgang Panzenell

Wolfgang Panzenell
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Chicago River dyed blue for the first time ever to Celebrate Chicago Cubs World Series Champions on Nov 4th, 2016. More

Chicago River dyed Cubbie blue November 2016 for the Cubs World Series Champions parade

Chicago Water Tower - HDR at night | For my official site an… | Flickr

Chicago Water Tower - HDR at night (by Mister Joe)

Something old, something new, and something weird | For my o… | Flickr

Something old, something new, and something weird

The Chicago "el" train zooming by | If only the train always… | Flickr

The "L" train zooming over the Chicago River via the Wells Street bridge.

Chicago Cultural Center : the world's largest Tiffany domed ceiling #JetsetterCurator

Chicago Cultural Center - World's Largest Tiffany's Domed Ceilin by Joe Lekas on Capture My Chicago // The Chicago Cultural Center - Preston Bradley Hall. This is the largest stained-glass domed ceiling in the world by Tiffany.


The Large Bathers - The Large Bathers - How Cézanne’s enigmatic masterwork ‘The Large Bathers ’ helped guide art into the age of experimentation and abstraction.


Pierre-Auguste Renoir - Filmed Painting at Home This is unique footage of the great Impressionist painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir He is s.