Tutorial: How to Draw Lips - 3/4 View http://rapidfireart.com/2016/10/07/how-to-draw-lips-from-the-34-view/

Tutorial: How to Draw Lips A very simple way to draw lips. You can even use this method to draw different types of lips by making just a few changes in step

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I love the use of depth and perspective in these pieces. // I love how unique this is. There is a lot of geometry and perspective work done throughout these words. I like that it is very in depth and complicated.

PodgyPanda -

PodgyPanda - Garfield, don't we all hate Mondays? Pin or like if you agree with Garfield

Harry Potter PodgyPanda

Harry and Hedwig! Workin' my way through my commission list! Commissioned Col Erase drawing on paper. (c) PodgyPanda 2013

Kawaii Pack 5: Fruits  #GraphicRiver         A collection of cute fruits illustration  	 =====================

Kawaii Pack 5: Fruits

Buy Kawaii Pack Fruits by pzUH on GraphicRiver. A collection of cute fruits illustration ======================= Main File Format: - Corel Draw .