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Maria Antonia of Naples & Sicily (1784-1806), daughter of Ferdinand I, King of the Two-Sicilies & Maria Carolina of Austria. Maria Antonia was a Princess of Naples & Sicily & later Princess of Asturias (1802-1806) as wife of Ferdinand, Prince of Asturias, passing away before he ascended the throne as Ferdinand VII, King of Spain.

Maria Antonia of Naples and Sicily - Princess of Asturias, first wife of Ferdinand, Prince of Asturias (future Ferdinand VII of Spain)

1793 Joseph Wright (American artist, 1756-1793). The Wright Family (Joseph & Sarah with children Harriet, Sarah, & Joseph).

1793 Joseph Wright (American artist, The Wright Family (Joseph & Sarah with children Harriet, Sarah, & Joseph) American Women: Paintings of American Families

Juzefa Masalskaja (Radzivił), Lampi 1791

Jan Chrzciciel Lampi Portrait of Józefy z Radziwiłłów Massalskiej s. Ca The pearl trim and high collar suggest this outfit was a form of fancy dress, probably historically inspired.

Louise Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun (1755–1842) = Anna Cetner or Zetzner(Anna z Cetnerów Potocka-daughter of Ignazy Cetnerow-polish nobility ad.List of Consort Duces Elbeuf), future Duchess of Elbeuf - Date 1791 oil Current location: Unknown_

1791 Anna Cetner, future Duchess of Elbeuf by Élisabeth Louise Vigée-Lebrun (Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth Texas)