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Golf Swing Sequence Part 4 - Golf Swing Transition - YouTube

So all of the care we’ve taken over a good set up and address, taking the club back into a good position at the top of the backswing and then making a solid transition into the downswing – comes down to one focal point… The impact position.

Golf Swing Sequence Part 2 - Halfway Back Position - YouTube

Golf Downswing - Golf lesson and golf tips on how to bring the club down from the top of the swing along a good club path and into impact with the ball.

Golf Swing Sequence Part 1 - The One Piece Takeaway - YouTube

Helpful Golf Tips That Make You Better. Photo by D-Stanley Not sure what golf is all about? Do you tell yourself that this game is silly or a waste of time because you don't understand how to pla

#Infographic: How to Bomb Your Drives

Improve your distance with proper technique and strict golf workout programs. Specific golf exercises to strengthen core muscles.