Une belle idée pour le jardin

Cómo hacer un corazón de piedras - How to Make a Unique Stone Heart, a way for Niomi to display the beautiful rocks she finds me. And I'm sure Travis will soon too

schönes Teelicht aus Klopapierrollen und so geht es: http://www.housingaforest.com/heart-tube-stamping/

Easy Valentine Table Decorations - place tea light in clear or red votive holder for fire safety - Surround with red paper hearts, alternating tops bottoms of hearts (glued together to form circle)

This would be the perfect gift for Hollis' sister Robin! "Love." .......driftwood & wire sculpture

Artfully crafted out of found and created objects this unique decoration stands 9 long and 5 tall. The California driftwood is the base for the

Ausschnitt Herzform Valentinstag Dekoideen

little paper hearts //yarn or some other type thin cord. Cut pieces from book/newspaper and fold over yarn/cord. Punch hearts into paper. This would be great as a garland for Valentine's day. Use other style punches for other holidays.