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Entertaining Night Garden by Modular Garden. Perfect for small yard and making the most of it. - great idea of sectioning different garden usages with elevated decking.

A Terrace in Paris

Babe, you want a French terrace? Then I'm going to steal you a French terrace, babe. I don't care how bad American-French relations get.

Party friendly Rooftop Garden with raised beds in Vancouver, BC Design Spec Building Group Ltd - Homes

Custom-built steel planters nestle into raised wooden beds that double as bench seating on a rooftop

Green roofs insulate like a blanket, saving energy; they provide natural habitats for birds, butterflies, honeybees, lady bugs, and migrating birds. On this roof, soil depth ranges from four to eight inches.

Marni Majorelle's planted a roof garden, Metropolitan Exchange building, Brooklyn

Urban Retreats: 10 Dreamy Rooftop Gardens | Apartment Therapy

Urban Retreats: 10 Dreamy Rooftop Gardens

After more than 10 years of living with a rooftop garden in lower Manhattan, designer Julie Weiss decided to let the plants win:

Techo verde con cactus 4 #techosverdes

Do you know of Steve Martino? You should know of Steve Martino. He's the genius landscape architect of th.