Student Work: Chelsea's Challenges

Chelsea's Challenge is a monthly post series in The Textile Design Lab, in which we share design ideas and inspiration to help our students create new work and…
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a collage of different patterns and colors
Storytelling In Design: Inside the TDL
Art by Alexandra Michiardi. Featured in Chelsea’s Challenge at the Textile Design Lab. Theme of this challenge is "Storytelling." See more from Alexandra's work on Instagram at @tristanetzoe.#designchallenge #textiledesigncontest
three different images of blue and purple flowers
From the Textile Design Lab: Chelsea's Challenge - "Bloom"
Bloom Collection by Marielle Davis. Chelsea's Challenge at Pattern Observer.
an assortment of flowers and leaves are shown in three different colors, including pink, green,
Accueil - Véronique Jacquart
Bloom Collection by Veronique Jacquart
some flowers and the words carolina surrete prius on it are shown in three different colors
Caere Design Studio |Caere Design
Bloom collection created by Caroline Sarrette
four different patterns with the words bloom in red, blue and pink on it's side
Bloom Collection by Kelly Lahl
four different shades of blue with leaves and branches on them, all in various patterns
Bova Creative
Bloom Collection by Jenny Bova of Bova Creative
the pattern is designed to look like it has been made with blue and purple flowers
littlemarytradingco's shop on Spoonflower: fabric, wallpaper and home decor
Bloom Collection by Marielle Davis
four different patterns in shades of brown, beige and grey with the word love written on them
Home - Textile Design Lab
some different colored lines and shapes on a white background with the words subtile strength
Home - Textile Design Lab
an assortment of different types of lines and shapes in orange, black, grey and white
Home - Textile Design Lab
a variety of flowers are shown in purple, blue and green colors on the same sheet
Home - Textile Design Lab
four different patterns with flowers on them
Home - Textile Design Lab
six different patterns in shades of pink, grey and white with the words elena skirska on them
Elena Skvirskaya Textile Designer New York
four different colors of fabric with the words, ella sivrskaya on them
Home - Textile Design Lab
two different plaid patterns with white circles on them, one in orange and the other in blue
Home - Textile Design Lab
Michele Kellett