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koi fish yin yang tattoo

Cal constantly struggles with his belief that of the two of them, Aron has the good and he holds the bad, balancing the good and evil out. This can be seen in yin and yang, in which opposite forced are interrelated.

100 Oberarm und Unterarm Tattoo Ideen, welche absolut großartig wirken

A hand touched my shoulder startling me so badly I almost fell off my chair. “Hey sugar, I didn’t mean to scare you.” the hand didn’t move though, it remained on my shoulder…

150+ Best Snake Tattoos Meanings [2017 Collection] - Part 3

No matter, how a person chooses the snake tattoo for himself, no one can falsify the fact that that they look great. The best part of the snake tattoo is that you have a vast variety of design options to select from - Part 3

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