stamp. This might be fun done with a section of, say an onion.

(simple diy stamp - site is in french) Make stamps from pottery for making pottery!

veur op stof

Knit Hand Carved Stamp by hugfishandorange. Good design to make my own stamp.

sari stamps

going to try this w/ my Indian printing blocks. Indian printing blocks with turquoise stain

diy - stamps & patterns.

Show off your crafty side… (31 photos)

These stamps are made from erasers, using a craft knife and ruler. If you stick to straight lines then carving is easy and you don’t need any specialist tools! Perfect for decorating your own wrap, cards and fabric etc.

Lovely way to address envelopes◾2mm Thick Sticky Back Foam Sheets | Make sure that the ones you get have one foam side and one sticky side (protected with a sheet of peel off paper)

Adorable idea for addressing envelopes. this would be adorable if we did white envelopes with a blue "dogtag" look. or light blue envelope with dark blue "dogtag". this is a must for a military wedding! Love the idea :)

DiY Stamping with Legos...if Kandinsky can so can you!

Lego stamp art- just use legos and stamp pads to create buildings, robots, spaceships, anything! A new way to use Legos this summer! This person used craft foam and then covered it with contact paper after done stamping.

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