Instructions are in German but there's lots of pictures. Non-German speakers can easily figure this out. Cute easy way to decorate a window for Christmas.

Papercut houses & hanging stars window decoration - lovely idea, great for children. Ad a few tiny lights for a Xmas bedroom window.

Midwinter Streets Window

This is not a tutorial, but the picture is so inspiring for a decorative idea for Christmas . "a tissue paper window decoration. the very white, very french christmas - Sharon Santoni"

doily snow flakes

Banner or hanging doilies + starch = snowflakes. Also equals a not so ordinary curtain. Christmas decorations in white. A great idea!

Fenstertattoo, Lovala, Vogelschutz, Fenster Sticker, Fensterbild, Window Sticker, glass decal

Glass-Tattoo: `Grass’ decor for mirrors and windows - Beautiful Window Decoration - the Window Tattoo by LOVALA