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Portrait Photography Inspiration : The Girl Watcher - Photography Magazine


" He yells at you. "But, you got hurt, (choose name)!" You yell back. If that raiding party comes back, I'll give 'em their money's worth!



Wunderschönes Gänseblümchenbild. *_*

I imagine Nicole from my story would have a face like this, similar bangs, and wear a set of belts and dresses like these. If only her hair was chestnut instead of royal blue! Originally: Lucina from Fire Emblem Awakening--CD box art

Kết quả hình ảnh cho ushinawareta mirai wo motomete

Anime picture with white album ogata rina morikawa yuki misaki kurehito long hair tall image highres brown hair multiple girls brown eyes scan bow hair bow coat instrument piano

omg it kinda looks like me without freckles and with long hair i love it

When your walking down the hall and you think you look like this when you really look like a dushebag. ♻ I always feel like a dushebag no matter how l dress.