Biotop Natural Swimming Pool

We build less formal natural swimming pools, but I love them all. Our natural swimming pools have are environmental systems that use no chlorine. definitely for the nature lovers that enjoy swimming in the garden.

Selbstbau Schwimmteich neigung strand steine

A case study of the third BioNova® Natural Swimming Pool built in New Jersey. Designed and built by BioNova® Natural Pools and Rin Robyn Pools.

Galerie | Manzke Landschaftsplanung

Achieve beautiful, healthy, and blue water with Organic Pond dyes and products!

Sehr schön eingewachsener Schwimmteich. Im Hintergrund kann man gut den Regenerationsbereich mit Schilf sehen.

natural pool/piscine naturelle – If I ever have a pool, it’ll be a natural one. Better looking, no chemical and easier to maintain (no change of water needed)

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