Whoever Wrote This Graffiti Is A Genius


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The three stages of life…

Funny pictures about These Three Stages Of Life. Oh, and cool pics about These Three Stages Of Life. Also, These Three Stages Of Life photos.

That... is... hilarious!

Well done, book store

Pudgy Seal. :D

For real, though. Get into the water the said. You won't look fat they said. (to the fat seal).

I winced at every. Single. One.

I'm not even OCD and they bother me. 13 Photos that will freak out every OCD person - These WILL make your brain cry

ha! #funny

It's been an eat-Nutella-straight- from-the-jar kind of day. R u kidding its always a eat-nutella-strait-out-of-the-jar day haha

What a great idea!!

"Jackie, you can't just white out a question you don't want to answer. This kid is going places. Not college but places.

This is true.

I Just Want a Lightsaber

Funny pictures about Why People Want Jedi Powers. Oh, and cool pics about Why People Want Jedi Powers. Also, Why People Want Jedi Powers photos.


So I just found this in my office break room.

Rock Art for the Garden: Turn Me Over / You Just Took Orders From a Rock.

When you need to tell someone exactly how much you love them. | 21 Times Text Messages Are The Only Way To Say It

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Gedankengänge einer Katze | Webfail - Fail Bilder und Fail Videos

Gedankengänge einer Katze

Funny pictures about No more playing. Oh, and cool pics about No more playing. Also, No more playing photos.

Funny Pictures – 41 Pics

Who are we? To get our girlfriends to stop hiving orders. What time sweetie?

no worries, I got this...

Clearly an expert. I say this all the time! (And Aaron still worries)