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a close up of a window with the words dftba in front of it
Don´t forget to be awsome
Take up the idea Swami Vivekananda, Just Leave, Let It Be
Take up the idea
an empty road with the words leaders keep their eyes on the horizon, not just the bottom line
Leaders keep their eyes on the horizon
a quote from bob hope about playing in a game, it's fun if you play it, it's recreation
If you watch a game
You are only here for a short visit Plants
You are only here for a short visit
a gold lion brooch with a quote on it that says, it is the artist's business to create sunshine when the sun falls
It is the artists´s business
there is a pile of wood with a gold statue on top and words above it that say people love chopping in this activity one immediately sees results
People love chopping wood
a pile of clothes with a quote written on the top and bottom right hand corner
Women speak because
I love sleep Sleep, Love Sleep, I Love Sleep, I Love
I love sleep
a golden lion figurine sitting on top of a table next to folded shirts
You can have anything
there are many stuffed animals in the basket with a quote on it that says as men get older, he toys get more expensive
As men get older
a man's growth is seen in the successive choices of his friends by mark ward
Mans Growth
a dishwasher filled with lots of dishes
Better keep yourself clean
a lion statue sitting on top of a window sill
Its better to be a lion
Leftovers Hand Soap Bottle