source: WOLVES tumblr... Wolves eyes can have colors ranging from grey, green, yellow, amber, orange and brown. This is the chart

Wolves eyes can have colors ranging from grey, green, yellow, amber, orange and brown. Based on color choices I can match it with mother wolf's personality.

Mit Delfinen schwimmen

Dolphins herd fish into tight balls so they can& get away and can easy be eaten.

Augen...zum träumen...

Silver male with ocean blue eyes. Polite and very handsome - open

Und?  Meine Belohnung?

A Delightful Dolphin


((Open)) I walked through the woods in a wolf's body. I only had an hour so I better use it wisely. I sat down and howled for my new wolf friend, Star, until I heard a noise. I stood up and looked around, snarling.


Kissing Dolphins: Dolphin lovers will find joy with sterling silver dolphin…

Schöne Sprung

The Legacy of Flipper

the dolphin who played Flipper committed suicide and there are other cases of captive dolphins doing the same.hence why I won't let my daughter watch Dolphin Tale/Dolphin Tale 2 & all other movies with captive trained animals

bääää ....

beautiful-wildlife: “ Beach Fox by Hansruedi Weyrich ”

Füchse sind einfach absolut faszinierende, wunderschöne Tiere... (Quelle: Gabi Marklein FC)

Red Fox - Pretty Guy by Gabi Marklein

Katzen Gesicht

The Murmuring Cottage

Eure Schwester fehlt schon wieder.Ruft noch mal etwas lauter, Jungs.

Family portrait — A lucky photographer has managed to photograph these adorable images that of the playful first moments in the lives of young polar bear cubs in Manitoba, Canada (THOMAS KOKTA/CATERS) Source: The Telegraph


& Of New York& Celebrates The Paws-itive Bond Between Humans And Their Pups


Baby donkey and mama donkey

llbwwb:  Excellent Wolf Portrait (via Wildlife Photography by Csaba Tokolyi | Smashing Picture)

Portrait of an elderly grey wolf (Canis lupus) grey wolves, wolf, wolves

Bildergebnis für wolf

Timber Wolf ~ photo by Jim Cumming


I love dolphins!