Philipp Kaluza

Philipp Kaluza

Philipp Kaluza
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The India | Pure Fix Cycles

India With its matte-black frame, anodized gold wheels and rich harvest-gold seat post and risers, the India's regal design has already turned heads from Brookl


Austin has a certain magnetism when it comes to framebuilders relocating here from Boston. Icarus, Tomii Cycles and now Saila Bikes have all made Texas their new home, bringing with them their success.

ChUMBA Terlingua Gravel Bike, Steel

Austin, Texas based CHUMBA USA just released the new CHUMBA Terlingua, a steel-frame, drop-bar gravel bike with either or 'road plus' tires.

Wimpelkette - Holz - Coat Stand Mehr

Yosemite Coat Rack To prevent those resources from being wasted, Thai artisans have reclaimed the felled trunks, and trimmed, sanded and stained them to form these handsome coat stands. Because they're made from actual tree trunks, each one is unique.