papaveri; looks like the fields of France

So beautiful = This pic just uplifts my spirits completely!

Poppies growing wild throughout the fields of Austria. I would watch them bob their heads as my train rumbled past, moving deeper into the country side.

Wild poppies growing in the fields of Austria

Summer haze thinking

Summer haze thinking

LOVING THE UK Poppy Field taken at Warkworth, Northumberland, England with Warkworth Castle in the background

Poppy Field taken at Warkworth, Northumberland, England with Warkworth Castle in the background .Poppy Field by *newcastlemale on deviantAR.

Poppy Field by Alistair Nicolson - Photo 158239839 - 500px

Poppy Field by Alistair Nicolson - Photo 158239839 -


poppies by Thomas Froemmel on

Mohn - Himmel

Poppies in a field, in the gorgeous colours that inspired our poppy teepee…


Bellasecretgarden — Poppies and cornflowers by Taras L Via.

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Wild flowers

Mixed community of wild flowers in a field. These include red poppies (Papaver rhoeas) and purple cornflowers (Centaurea cyanus).

Sunset in poppy field, Kos island, Greece

tulipnight: “The World of Poppies by George Papapostolou ”

The obligatory annual glowing poppy shot! Rather similar in nature to my image 'Rouge' but this time shot in the morning, shortly after sunrise. There's a bit of a story behind this shot actually... a story with a moral even! Last summer after two and a half year's steady shooting I one day thought to myself "what if something goes wrong... what if by some freak accident I manage to lose all my images?"... it's something that's always possible in the digital age but also one of those things…

Glowing Poppies by Adam Edwards Photography

Doğadan Muhteşem Görüntüler

The Poppy Field photography flowers poppy poppies

Flower Garden

Field of European poppies mixed w/ many species of wildflowers, Turkey

Picture of a weathered old barn with a field of wildflowers (poppies, etc.) in the foreground. There are many kinds of poppy flowers; here's a little taste of what this genus of plants offers:

Country Red - Pretty - old barn with red and blue wildflowers

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