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“A Snail's Life”. Photographer Vyacheslav Mischenko captures gorgeous macro photographs of snails near his hometown of Berdichev, Ukraine. After being taught to hunt for mushrooms as a child, Vyacheslav has grown up with a keen eye for spotti.

35PHOTO - Вячеслав Мищенко - Як на ті чорнобривці погляну...

Beautiful photos of snails captured using a macro lens by talented Ukrainian photographer Vyacheslav Mishchenko. Snails were photographed in their natural

Snails by Vyacheslav Mishchenko

Artist Christophe Gilland is an Irish-born Czech-Canadian Fench Citizen. Working in the mediums of ink, watercolor and graphite, he manages.

...of the slow, slimy and rather beautiful kind

Funny pictures about Just A Baby Snail With Mom. Oh, and cool pics about Just A Baby Snail With Mom. Also, Just A Baby Snail With Mom photos.

A great friend will always lend a hand...or even a leg in the case of these tree frog's! (photo: Caters)

"Give us a leg-up!" Frogs use each other to climb a tree

Red-eyed tree frogs by Nicolas Reusens. One climbs up the leg of another to get a hold on the branch, after he slipped off.

perierga.gr - Γλυκά ζωάκια απολαμβάνουν το φθινόπωρο!

Tale of Nature: Magical World Of Snails Captured In Macro Photography from Vyacheslav Mishchenko. Ukrainian photographer Vyacheslav Mishchenko is passionat

Who knew that cute little snails could be so fascinating to look at, especially up close? Ukrainian photographer Vyacheslav Mishchenko took these stunning photos of of snails exploring and interacting with their miniature environments, and looking through them, you’ll be blown away at not only the beautiful photography skills, but at how magical a snail’s...

These Close-Up Photos Of Snails Will Completely Blow Your Mind. Just Beautiful!