Erkunde Schaefer, Schmuck Halsketten und noch mehr!

Holle Schäfer Halskette <em>Seifenschaum</em>. Messing, Lack, Schaum, Sisal.
Hedda Bjerkeli,  Disturbing eye candy series
Picture of "Brooch II", a jewellery piece by Carolina Gimeno
Handschmuck - specials - Goldschmiedeatelier - Schmuckdesign - Echtschmuck
"Alice Potter is an Adelaide based jeweller who works out of the Gray Street Workshop.  Laminex sample chips are one of her materials of choice, and she shapes, layers and rivets them to form cool abstract designs and super sweet "Bye Bye birdie" brooches."  riveted jewelry from laminate scraps
Pawel Kaczynski / bracelet "GARDEN" - silver, steel.
SAM HAMILTON-IRELAND. Texture and colour, this has a mixture of colours which almost looks like it could be different materials.
Karen Vanmol - Brooch 2013.
Silke Spitzer, Slate Necklace, Double, 2014, wood, slate, aluminum, 400 x 300 mm, photo: Eric Tschernow - In her "Unfurling" series, UK jeweller Hannah Kyriakou combines spray-coloured wire, plastic, plaster and pigment, inspired by "the flourishing and also perishing of plants and their distinct texture."