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Daily odd compliment: "You're so hot, you could melt the homes of polar bears. And even if you did, the polar bears would understand. That last part is not true, by the way. The polar bears would be upset.

Daily Odd Compliment - these make me smile! - Imgur

Daily Odd Compliment - these make me smile!

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"Ridiculous Shit" (Daily Odd Compliment)

I can never stay mad at you mostly because I have too many things that I want to tell you

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Daily Odd Compliments Gallery I

you have to have a very specific sense of humor to truly appreciate this . . . I pry myself on having this odd sense of humor and it makes everything so funny :)

If I heard one in the vicinity, I would build a fireplace in five minutes so I could burn that little creepy fucker. You don't like furbys?

Blown Kiss


daily odd compliment- blown kiss, this makes sense to me