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Previous Pinner "Frozen flower... looks like a mini city! Way cool" ................Me: Gallifrey???

ice flower A flower with an ice bubble around it taken on a rare snow day in Austin Texas last week.

Iridescent Water Drops

The rewards of higher things sometimes may not be as you may expect, and may be hidden from the view of everybody else. --Belsebuub, Guest Waking Times God is good, let us give thanks to him for the rain!

A political map of Earth becomes a globe in a droplet of water.

Dazzling Droplets: Photos Reveal Mini Worlds

Photographer Markus Reugels‘ water drops double as planets. By photographing drops of water in front of images of Earth and the moon, he’s able to transform the liquid spheres into beautiful worlds.

To see a world in a grain of sand,  And a heaven in a wild flower,  Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,  And eternity in an hour. ~William Blake

Water wonderful world! Photographer captures amazing images in a single droplet