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It would be really rad to do a simple type treatment with some sort of tinytype at the bottom or side that says something about our team or our goals or values. Almost in a letterhead format

Quadraat von Fred Smeijers ist zwar eine digital erstellte Schrift, Ausgangsbasis waren jedoch Zeichnungen. Die Schrift sollte neu aussehen, aber an altbewährte Vorbilder anknüpfen, zum Beispiel Garamond, Times oder Plantin. Die Kursive ist dagegen sehr eigenwillig und originell.

Quadraat, Fred Smeijers — The font was intended to look new, but to draw on established models such as Garamond, Times and Plantin.

Theo Simpson

Theo Simpson


KellerDesigned by Adrien Menard.The Keller is a stencil typeface constructed on…


Chaves- Category: Type Based Design Claudia Galindo, graphic design, poster, typography Just a good example of the different methods of approaching typographic and the solutions for designs.

Die 100 Besten Schriften

Franklin Gothic, Moris Fuller Benton 1903 - Franklin Gothic later enjoyed a similar status in the USA to that of Helvetica or Univers in Europe.

Black on Black textural would be soooo smooth.

Black on Black textural would be soooo smooth.


Ted Hyunhak Yoon explores government agenda and history textbooks in his research-led designs