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Das Glück der Eltern

On parenthood. 49 % pain in the ass 51 % most sublime joy.

Need a set of these.lol

A wine glass for those who love wine. Closest thing to a never ending glass of wine I've ever seen. I want.

@Andrea / FICTILIS, @Ashley Walters - this sounds like my (lack of) memory of our childhood/teenage years

Just laughed hysterically at this! Milk from my nose kind of laugh!

this is us, except, its mmmbop @Deanna Veinot @Amanda DeYoung

- THIS IS SO ME!Right now in a grocery store somewhere a Phil Collins song is playing and someone is discreetly rocking out.

Fortunately God knows my heart even when my mouth gets me in trouble! Sometimes you wish you could open your mouth and put the words back in. :(

AUTISM WARNING: Sometimes things pop in my head and then they jump feet first out of my mouth! You have been warned.

Perfect Place For A Nickelback Concert http://www.hazlols.com/perfect-place-for-a-nickelback-concert_1681.html

Funny pictures about If a tree falls in the forest. Oh, and cool pics about If a tree falls in the forest. Also, If a tree falls in the forest.