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Giving Away Instax Prints in Street Photography - YouTube

One of my students, Peter, gives away an Instax Wide print to a subject he met on the streets of the Tenderloin in my San Francisco "Conquer Your Fear of Sho.

Olympus Trip 35 - Lock 'n' load - Street Photography in Amsterdam

Olympus Trip 35 - Lock 'n' load - Street Photography in Amsterdam

Προσπαθούμε να ελέγξουμε τον χώρο και τον χρόνο.. Πασχίζουμε να γίνουμε δημιουργοί… Η συνειδητότητα της ένωσης των δυο αυτών καταστάσεων, μας…

Maria Kappatou is a visual artist specialising in Street Photography, born in Canada and living in Greece.

Is the most egalitarian form of photography, ‘street photography’, being destroyed by its own popularity? Is such a thing even possible? I won’t profess to have a clear answer to this question, but I do have some thoughts. Those thoughts may turn into a rant, but I will try to contain myself! Egalitarian = Good, Right? This question hits right at the heart of photography and, most specifically, digital photography. If something is easy, more people will do it. The more people doing it, t...

World Street Photography (WSP) is an independent organization, which promote and encourage street photographers from all around the world. Here we have col

Polaroid Tips - Buying Expired "Pack" Film!

Film Photography Podcast (FPP) hosts Michael Raso and Mat Marrash demonstrate and discuss the pitfalls of buying expired Polaroid "pack" film on e-bay.

Polaroid Electric Zip Camera!

Film Photography Podcast (FPP) host Michael Raso introduces you to the "square" format instant camera.The Polaroid "Electric Zip!

How To Use Instax Film In Polaroid

I found a way to use instax mini film in a Polaroid 600 camera! I bet the instax wide would work with this method too.

Lomography and the 10 Golden Rules - Retro Camera Review - Ep. 13

Lomography and the 10 Golden Rules - Retro Camera Review - Ep. 13

Shooting with Expired Polaroid Film

Tips on what to look for when purchasing expired Polaroid film. Please note that The Impossible Project is currently making NEW film for Polaroid cameras.

Josef Koudelka reveal the secrets behind their images.

Based on an idea by William Klein - Taken from Contacts, Vol. 1 The Great Tradition of Photojournalism The world's greatest photographers reveal the secrets .

15 Street Photography Techniques and Tips

15 Street Photography Techniques and Tips - DIY Photography

From Eden and After © Nan Goldin

Video: Nan Goldin On Photographing Children - Video from a series of interviews byTate

Polaroid SX-70 - Super EXCITED to use with Impossible Project Polaroid F...

This is a super exciting look at the Polaroid camera. I take a live photo and show you how to load film into a Polaroid and take a photo wit.