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So tired of simple, basic bitches looking through MY THINGS and having the audacity to get angry when they don't like what they see!!!!

Are you intimidated by intelligent women? Then, right now would be a really good time to fuck off. Hahaha made me laugh at the dumb bitch that thinks she has the upper hand


I don't mean to be a feminist bitch, but I think your sexist jokes are boring. Just kidding, I don't really mind being a feminist bitch


This person’s official list of hobbies. 26 Things That Prove Feminism And Pizza Are Undeniably Linked

Bitch, why do you ask me a question and then interrupt me when I'm in the middle of answering it. You're fucking rude! LOL!

Tact is for people who aren't witty enough to be sarcastic. So its not very nice, it is however funny

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Celebrate International Women& Day with these motivational quotes from some of the world& most inspirational women.


Pain makes you stronger. Years make you braver. A broken heart makes you wiser. And alcohol makes you not remember any of that crap. So drink on and be merry!

yep.  and that you can't fix crazy.

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the first step to forgiveness is realizing that the other person.is bat-shit crazy. SO TRUE

Tina Fey says it like it is

Tina Fey Quote "Know what? Bitches get stuff done." Pinned for Pink Pad - the app for women - pinkp.

I aspire to use my business education to mentor youth, empower talent, encourage leadership, and strengthen societies.

An educated girl is a change maker: An educated girl will: Stay healthy Save Money Build a business Empower her community. Lift her country: Change the World!

<b>"We cannot all succeed when half of us are held back."</b>

25 Famous Quotes That Will Make You Even Prouder To Be A Feminist

25 Famous Quotes That Will Make You Even Prouder To Be A Feminist - I'm not sure if liking this makes me a feminist because I don't know if i am one, but I totally believe in equal rights for EVERYONE and these quotes pretty much sum up a lot of today.

Hahaha LOL

::I love you ::Do you have evidence to support your statement ((I absolutely do! He might have a different way about him that some may not understand. & My Husband shows me that he loves me. all the time. Love my baby))

To EVERYBODY I've ever told..."Men are like a lovely handbag & with matching perfect  shoes...they're accessories. They add to an ensemble.  But you still look PERFECT in no makeup & sweats.  Nice to have but absolutely NOT NECESSARY!!

Susan B. Anthony ~dedicated her life to the woman suffrage movement to create equality between men and women. The Susan B. Anthony Amendment in 1878 which later became the Amendment giving women the right to vote.