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From 1st of january to 31st of December 2016 every week artists from all over…

From of january to of December 2016 every week artists from all over the world presents an interpretation of a creative house [ger. kreatives Haus] - a place for art, inspiration and excellence.

······ History of the Automobile ······La historia del coche por décadas desde los vehículos autopropulsados por vapor del siglo XIX hasta los deportivos y coches del siglo XXI.

Amazing how we can trace back a 2016 Hyundai Sonata to the German Motorwagen.

Taste Book Illustration - Vicki Turner

Author Laura Rowe compiled a whole book of creativity-stimulating illustrations to school you on a variety of topics. How many pasta shapes do you know?

Hunter 1 in Colour

Illustration: Rob Hunter's second book, Map Of Days, is a stunning work of graphic fiction

“7th Floor” by Naoya Agasuke

“7th Floor” by Naoya Agasuke

Love these commissioned illustrations by artist Naoya Agasuke. naoya agasuke via: 7 shades of black