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Father and child picture idea. Full view on child's expression while dad kisses..... Kennedy smiles or laughs everytime Daddy kisses her goodnight. Would love to capture it in a photo like this.

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Funny pictures about A kiss from daddy. Oh, and cool pics about A kiss from daddy. Also, A kiss from daddy.

Little girl's expression looking at her dad is precious...A Misty Bliss image. MontanaRosePainter

i don't have an earthly father, but this picture makes me very grateful to know the man i will marry will love our little girl this way. Melts my heart.

OH MY CUTE... one of the most adorable father son pics... love it. I'll take em both....

one of the most adorable father son pics. I'll take em both.father and son

are you KIDDING???? I'm screaming

perfect images to be framed with one of your favourite verses or poems and it will great gift or unique memento. Those sad eyes make it hard to leave this cutie!

Testosterone is a hormone that promotes male characteristics including musculature, libido, body hair and eating food directly out of a pan over the sink when your family is away. And it drops (plummets, really) when men become fathers.

Fatherhood, Not Testosterone, Makes The Man

Tattoos often get a bad rap. Most of the time, people associate tattoos with individuals who are a little rough around the edges, like bikers or prison gangs. But in reality, all types of people have tattoos, and ink is just a beautiful form of artis…

35 Father-Son Pictures Proving That The Apple Didn't Fall Far From The Tree

35 Father-Son Pictures Proving That The Apple Didn't Fall Far From The Tree

Father and son - June in many countries celebrated Father's Day. Moving pictures about the relationship between fathers and sons.


Baby shark on the beach Halloween Costume. He was just too cute not to pin.

パパ~ ぼくも弾く~♪  i wanna play tooo :)) #daddy #son

Music is a big thing in their family,ever since josh was younger, dad taught him how to play guitar