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Some Stevonnie moshing I animated for the Steven Universe episode “Alone Together”!

Some Stevonnie moshing I animated for the Steven Universe episode “Alone Together”

Defective- SPOILERS, kind of by PoltergeistCat614 on DeviantArt

Defective- SPOILERS, kind of by on DeviantArt A fanfiction comic in reference to the results of the Steven Universe episode, "A Cry For Help"

as tres juntas ficam bem bonitas

Crystal gem mixes from Steven Universe<<SO THIS is how the fusions should look, but nooooooo

if steven gets poofed and reforms.... this would be cool for like one episode, but i would want him back to his star t shirt and jeans

Steven's new Gem uniform>>> that looks so friggin cool 😱

That would be a HUGE volleyball

giffing-su:  ““x  ” ”

giffing-su: ““x ” ” Steven Universe dancing gems

Pearl~ From early designs to series design

Pearl~ From early designs to series design

Pearl transformations SU (Steven Universe) Pearl is so pretty.

New Stevonnie! //\\ fan made ?? I️ can’t tell I️ haven’t watched the new episodes

I like long luscious hair Stevonnie :(

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Connie and Steven fusion ideas

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Peridot eating a glowstick

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Yellow Pearl, Blue Pearl and Diamond

Image from http://img09.deviantart.net/6681/i/2015/019/4/a/stevonnie_by_funsized_cake-d8emnfx.png.

black hair cartoon network curly hair dark skin denim denim shorts freckles funsized-cake fusion gem jeans looking to the side midriff navel pants shorts solo steven universe stevonnie stevonnie (steven universe) undershirt

Beach City Bugle: Drawing Things Out #58

Giant Women in suits! Huge love to Sardonyxs design!

Leon es el mejor

Leon es el mejor

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Gems in shirts

I want all of these appropriately worded shirts!