Yoshi Super Mario World 2 Perler Bead Sprite Decorations by Geek Mythology Crafts

Super Mario Bros 3 Items/Power ups by Nerdlers, $6.00 USD

Super Mario Bros 3 Items/Power ups

Would be cool in cross stitch. Super Mario Bros 3 Christmas Ornaments perler beads by Nerdlers

Hay un look para cada ocasión.

Hay un look para cada ocasión.

Custom Order Pokemon Perler: Choose Your Own

I just finished up Perlers of all the starter pokemon. Made with Perler, Hama and Nabbi beads. For Sale at my Etsy Starter Pokemon Perler Sprites

Pokemon Perler Generation 2 Starters - Choose 1 or a set of 3

152 Chikorita / 153 Bayleef / 154 Maganium 155 Cyndaquil / 156 Quilava / 157 Typhlosion 158 Totodile / 159 Croconaw / 160 Feraligatr i need totodile and cyndy

Kirby jeu #3: Cupidon Kirby, Kirby Cutter, feu Kirby, Kirby endormi, aile Kirby Perler perle

Kirby Set Cupid Kirby, Cutter Kirby, Fire Kirby, Sleepy Kirby, Wing Kirby Perler Beads by PixelPrecious