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koi tattoo inspiration - Goldfish Wall Decal by Mark Laita This decal is HUGE, and takes up the whole wall.

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Humans aren't the only species that like to have some fun in the water!♥

Humans aren't the only species that like to have some fun in the water!♥

Si eres pez, y especialmente un pargo lunarejo, este crustáceo de unos 4cm de largo podría ser tu peor pesadilla. Se aferra a la lengua de su anfitrión para alimentarse de la sangre que corre por ella para luego, una vez atrofiada, unirse a sus músculos para pasar a formar parte del cuerpo del pez. No causa otros problemas a su ‘víctima’ y es el único caso conocido de parásito capaz de sustituir con éxito un órgano de su anfitrión.

Cymothoa exigua, or the tongue-eating louse.The parasite severs the blood vessels in the fish's tongue, causing the tongue to fall off. It then attaches itself to the stub of what was once its tongue and becomes the fish's new tongue.

Oranda goldfish

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A goldfish is a type of domesticated freshwater fish that belongs to the carp family. Although many people think of goldfish as.

The same size and color of fish in my dream

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