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Internationales Symbol für die Ehe

The International Symbol of Marriage So True - Cute Funny Quotes About Life

things to say to Siri. Just did this entire list. LOL she's a sassy one

100+ Funny Things to Say to Siri

things to say to Siri. the kids would love before handing over to the kids. Not all are appropriate for kids.

Dreams... lol!!

I have a smoking hot hubby, because he is always helping with the dishes and laundry!

or do your laundry after a really long time! it was like Christmas last night doing laundry :)

Funny pictures about You never know what you have. Oh, and cool pics about You never know what you have. Also, You never know what you have photos.

OH MYYYYYY ...... TO FUNNY !!!??... Just a little humor to. start the day !!! From THE MOUTH OF KIDS !!! wish i would have jotted down the things my kids and grandkids said that were laughable !!! I could have had a book by now !!??.. Oh well ... Happy day to you !! Ooooooooo. : )

The Funny Side of Love ...

Okay, we took off our clothes, I got on top of you. How long till it starts feeling good? I don't know But I've got a headache already!

And they will know they were conceived via raunchy sex one day.

Funny 50 Shades Of Grey captions! If you like the captions of this post – Funny 50 Shades Of Grey captions, and other photos & images on this website,.

How about you? hahahahahahahah

I hate when people are at your house & ask "do you have a bathroom?" - no, we shit in the yard.

from Isabella & Max Rooms

Funny christmas quotes - what are your wishes this year? For more funny quotes visit www.

Today has been cancelled...

I wish today was cancelled. Rainy days in bed are awesome.

Dyslexia....If life gives you lemons, you may be dyslexic...LOL!!

THIS is now my favourite lemon quote (comm. teacher happy): If Life Gives You may be dyslexic.

Seen this before but it always makes me giggle.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

My chalkboard art obsession: get inspired

Awesome sign in front of coffee shop. Unattended children will be given Espresso And a Free Kitten - funny sign - Cat memes - kitty cat humor funny joke gato chat captions feline laugh photo

I'm sure we all know an 'askhole' or two. ;) Ha!

Hi Guys Have you ever heard of the term askhole ! An askhole is someone who asks your advice and then does exactly the opposite.

This is too funny and a true story! LOL

25 Ways to Tell You're a Grown Up. Wow, I feel old. 25 Ways to Tell You're a Grown Up. Wow, I feel old. 25 Ways to Tell You're a Grown Up. Wow, I feel old.

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I want to be the reason you look down at your phone and smile. Then walk into a pole. Yep some of us have been known to walk into poles without even owning a phone.

Instead of cleaning...

Funny Confession Ecard: instead of cleaning i just watched an episode of hoarders. i didn't realize how fantastic my house really commercial ads