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Nintendo Cross Stitch Patterns | Bowser Cross Stitch Tee

spidermum sent in this sweet bowser shirt that she stitched up for her nephew. and, she was nice enough to include a Bowser Shirt Cross Stitch



58a28222974133057ad2f8af71d0a6ea.jpg (499×679)

58a28222974133057ad2f8af71d0a6ea.jpg (499×679)


Items similar to Nintendo Super Mario Brothers perler beads bad guy enemy magnets LOT on Etsy

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This instructable is for a Pacman tile mosaic desk that I made! Although it’s very time consuming, and requires quite a bit of patience,.

Nintendo Mosaics

Pacman Tile Mosaic Desk

Says it's Mario coasters perler bead pattern, but looks like a cross stitch pattern to me!