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Foreground #SAAB 900-I and Background #SAAB 93-II #Anniversary 2.2 TiD with #Hirsch

Foreground and Background TiD with

Saab 900 Turbo - Probably the best all-round car I have ever owned - absolute classic!

Saab 900 Enduro

There's a Ford Explorer Saleen for sale. That's a weird tuner project, but it's far from the only one.

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Saab 900 classic

Saab 900 classic

Saab 900 Turbo. Why have I always loved them? I guess because they are hideous, and my soccer coach once drove through a monsoon while drunk and got me home safely. I was 9 years old, but the car overcoming the idiot driving it always impressed me.

Saab 900 Turbo Offered High Performance with a Side of Weird

Introduced in the Saab 900 was a good car, looked OK, but really was nothing exceptional, and certainly not one to draw in the crowds. All that changed with the introduction of the 1984 Saab …

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